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HYT is an Italian company that aims to develop and produce innovative machinery for the tire downsizing.
It has a deep knowledge of the ELT tire market and the problems related to their disposal.

It was born from the contribution of a group of entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the heavy carpentry, the production of large industrial plants for tire recycling as well as production and development of large mobile vehicles.


Christian Gioco

Christhian Gioco – CEO/CFO

Christhian has twenty years of experience in the field of business consulting in different sectors. He has been a partner in several consulting firms. He participated in commissions studies on the internationalization of companies at the ODCEC in Rome.

He has gained significant experience in the management of different business processes holding positions in holdings and financial holdings companies as well as in companies operating in various sectors. Since 2017 deputy CFO of the Quercus Fund, holding positions of coordination of financial activities and compliance between the various offices of the fund (Luxembourg, London, Milan, Rome).

Marco Gabrielli

Marco Gabrielli – COO

Marco started his activity in the sales world at the end of the 1980s, arriving after several managerial experiences to the world of environmental technologies around 1996. The plants for the transformation of MPS derived from tires up to the construction of industrial plants for tire recycling, soon made Marco an expert in the sector, bringing his technology all over the world.

A careful analysis of the evolution of the market led him to focus on large tires by developing lines dedicated to the recycling of ERRs. Adequate partners and a synergy of forces have now allowed him to bring to the market a further solution, which has remained on Marco’s drawing boards for 4 years, offering the market a necessary technology.

Alessio Barbagli

Alessio Barbagli – Head of Production

Alessio was born in Rome on June 23, 1987 and currently there resides. He began his work experience before he came of age at local realities as an assembler and fixture editor. Thanks to his know-how and perseverance to pursue increasingly important goals, he founded Metal Design at the age of 19. At the beginning he was involved in the design and construction of windows but after a few years the production of medium-heavy structural carpentry works is implemented.

Today the company consists of engineers and skilled workers and thanks to a pragmatic client-oriented approach has increased its turnover in a few years. Objectives achieved also thanks to a progressive transformation from artisan to industrial company.

Giovanni Barozzi

Giovanni Barozzi – CTO

Giovanni, a mechanical engineer with expertise in light and heavy carpentry design and precision mechanics, also has deep experience in researching and developing equipment for use with synchrotron light particle accelerators. In 2010 he started working on the development of photovoltaic systems and incorporated his passion for renewable energy technology and energy saving solutions.

During this period, Giovanni maintained his collaborations with mechanical companies, developing machinery for the production of semi-finished iron and steel, equipment for pipe-laying ships, utility class excavators and laboratory gas generators, from research and development to production. It has also developed a complete series of high pressure valves and fittings (up to 60,000 psi). In 2019 he founded the mechanical engineering and design firm, Ingenium Pro, for larger projects. With his passion for mechanics, Giovanni tackles challenges with enthusiasm.


The first “mobile, compact, integrated and cost-effective” OTR tires downsizing machine

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